I tried playing Mystic Messenger

If you wondering why I haven’t I uploaded anything this entire week it is because I was playing this game entire week and basically for other stuff also like I was completely immersed in watching March comes in like a lion.

So when ever I open any social network I can see people talking about Mystic Messenger like how cool is this game and how cool is the visuals and soundtrack. I am not a very big fan of dating sims and stuff so I never bothered about this game. I don’t know why but when I opened my play store I suddenly saw this one in the game section as I couldn’t resist myself I just thought why not give it a shot so I downloaded it.

What I came to know about this game ?

Well first I came to know that a girl who is basically me ( I named it as Akira )  finds a cell phone and receives a text from an unknown person who tells me to enter into an unknown house. I will come to find out that house belongs to  Rika who is the founder of a charity organization known as the RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association). So basically I meet all the men one by one who tries to be good with me or tries to flirt with me but  make sure to spend time with me. My main task is to organize the third party that the RFA members have been longing for, by inviting guests and to find the truth behind RFA.

Did I win this game?

Ofcourse not 😛

The point is while  playing these type of games we should not be thinking realistically we should think like a girl from an anime who always likes to support others. I went overboard I thought it’s stupid and what kind of girl will go to an unknown house just by a message. To be frank I just wanted to play it realistically so my decision was kind of bad here ( I have never taken any good decisions in my entire life 😛 )

Did I enjoyed playing this game?

Yup.I was just giggling when ever I am getting calls from them and when ever I am texting them personally. The only thing which bothered me was it takes a lot of time in order to open a new story or new chat room. I know that we can even purchase time but I just didn’t want to waste money on something which I didn’t even want to play.

What I like in this game?

Character designs, I love them they are sooooooooo cool. When ever they sent a photo in the group chat I make sure to save them to my phone’s gallery and if you ask me who do I love most then I would say Zen ( I don’t know why but I even fall for white hair anime boys like Itsuki, Kakashi Tomoe etc ) Everyone in this game are just sooo cool and the opening song. It’s sooo catchy that I am evening listening to it right now.


Will I play these type of games in future?

May be if it’s interesting like this. I wish I could go till the end in this game.

How much rating will I give for this game?

It is my fault for losing as I don’t know how to play this game but if you ask me how much I rate this game then it will be 4/5 as this was an interesting game.

Thank you for Reading,

Signing off,


2 thoughts on “I tried playing Mystic Messenger

  1. Maybe the game is telling players that to find love people have to pretend and not be yourself?

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    1. Maybe or may not be. It is good to play this game as long as you enjoy yourself 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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