Love is like after the Rain: A bittersweet love story?


Akira is a highschool girl who quits her track team after getting injured and falls in love with a 45 years old family Restaurant manager Mr. Kondo and decides to work in that restaurant as a part timer in order to get close to him. One day Akira suddenly confess her feelings towards him. Will the manger accepts her feelings? If yes, then what will happen to them?


I am just going to be honest with you guys at first I really felt their relationship is kind of weird as they have an age gap of more than 25 years but as the episodes goes on I really like this anime. If you ask me is it one of my favorite anime than I would say no, I can say that this anime can only be watched once because if we know the story the excitement of what will happen next will not be their when it comes to watching it for the second time. I really felt excited while watching this anime though.

Story 9/10 :

There are so many romance manga and anime with a plot where there will be a huge age difference between male and female leads and even it is the same and if you ask me what is the difference between them then I would say the way the male lead treated the female lead. I mean instead of playing with her feelings he tells her to concentrate more on the things which are basically important to her. I really don’t think Kondo really loved her I think that he just really respected her feelings towards him. Kondo really felt happy that Akira made him to experience his feelings which he used to have when he was young and also for reminding him of his olden days but I don’t think he have any romantic feelings towards her as he decided to move on to his favorite path which he forgot a long time ago. He literally wanted Akira who is stubborn to do the same and he advised her like a well-wisher as he knew the pain of not doing sometime which he really wanted to do.

The anime even showed the power of friendship. Haruka who is Akira’s friend was uncomfortable in talking with Akira as Akira has built a wall against her after quitting the track team. Haruka literally loved Akira from her childhood and Akira is also her inspiration. Haruka really wanted Akira to take a rehab and come back to the field as she really wanted Akira not to give up just because of an injury and on the other hand Chihiro who is a friend of Kondo and a well-known novelist inspires Kondo to write novels once again as he believes that Kondo can become a great novelist than him.

Art 10/10:

The visuals in this anime are sooo good. I can literally take the photos of it and save it as my phone’s wall paper 😛 After Your Name this is anime which caught my eye by its visuals. The character drawings are also sooo good I litreally love Akira’s eyes and I can stare in her eyes all the time 😛


What should I say about it, it is soo good and with the involvement of the Honey works made the opening sooo good. The other soundtrack or back ground music is also good and it really suits the anime.


Overall Review:

This anime is good to watch and I think if you know the story you can’t watch it for the second time as the excitement of what will happen next while watching it for the first time will not be there for the second time. I don’t think this anime should be romance gender as I feel like this anime should be more on drama or slice of life as the only one who struggled with love is Akira and this anime focused more on friendship and inspire stuff that made me to think it as a slice of life or drama. I am happy with the ending though, even though I felt bad I think that this anime as a perfect ending. So all I can say is that this anime is a one time watch but it takes you through a lot of exitment.

3 thoughts on “Love is like after the Rain: A bittersweet love story?

  1. I still need to get to this one. I was hoping to watch it inbetween seasons but a lot of shows came out early in Spring so now I’m not sure when I’ll get to it.

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    1. You should definitely check this out, even though you feel boring in the beginning you will definitely gonna like it in the end. The main thing which will catch your eye are the visuals of this anime 😁

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