Gakuen Babysitters ( Manga Review )

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I am a type of a person who will definitely check out the manga if I love the anime and Gakuen Babysitters is one of the anime which made me to read its manga after watching the anime and guess what I really love it. 

I can see some differences between the manga and the anime as we all know that the creators sometimes skip some parts in the manga while creating the anime, There is an episode where all the parents comes together for the cultural festival except Taka’s father. In the anime they haven’t mentioned about him but in manga Ryu asks Hayato about his father and I wish they showed about him in anime.

What I saw in the manga and not in the anime:

This is basically what I like in the manga which I wish they have showed in the anime.

Kotaro’s expressions:

Seriously when I compared him in manga and in anime then I like the Kotaro in manga. As the chapters goes on he literally shows more expressions and interacts more with the people and there are some chapters in the manga where I just wanted to squeeze him 😛 My favorite Kotaro’s part in manga is when he litreally asks everyone even though he knows them or not to say birthday wishes to Ryu and ask them to hug him and you should see his happiness it just cleansed my soul.

Hayato and Taka relationship:

I love these two brothers guys and I really love the way they do things for each other. Hayato’s love towards his little brother is shown more in manga than in anime. He just want to raise Taka in a proper way as his father is not around him and on the other hand eventhough his brother scolds him he just want Hayato to spend time with him.

About the parents ( including Chairwoman and Saikawa ):

Well Saikawa is really cool in manga when compared to anime, I mean he is the best and on the other hand the Chairwoman oh my God! just what should I say about her, she is such a lovely person and sometimes I feel like hugging her. And when it comes to the kids parents they are so lovely and funny and I really wish they are shown more in the anime. When it comes to the parents you should all check out Taka’s dad I think he is a tsundare. I mean on surface he acts like a strict father but deep inside he loves his kids which make my heart feel warm.

Well if you ask me which is better than I would say manga as it is soooooooo cute and hilarious and it makes you want to read it more and more. There are introductions of the new characters in the manga who will entertain you a lot. Every chapter in this manga will entertain you more and more believe me I read this entire manga in one day as I am unable to stop myself. This manga is on going though and I wish they make a season 2 for it as this manga deserves it and it as so many chapters from which they can make a season 2 . I know that it is not possible to put everything into the anime but I would like them to not to remove the best parts which are shown in the manga.

Overall this manga is a must read guys, I am telling you that you all will enjoy it.









4 thoughts on “Gakuen Babysitters ( Manga Review )

  1. The anime was suggested to me by a friend. From what you have said, it seems to be really good and cute. Will definitely give it a try!

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    1. You will definitely gonna enjoy this one 😀


      1. That’s what my friend said too! I am going to start watching it as soon as I finish these few dramas that I have!

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  2. oooh, I read the manga and it was cute.

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