After the Rain Episode 2 : I just can’t stop thinking about you.


Takashi who is the classmate of Akira joins the restaurant as a kitchen staff in order to get more close to Akira. On the other hand a customer forgets his cell phone in the restaurant and Akira runs to him even though she is having an injured leg, by looking at the way she runs Kondo gets mesmerized and starts cheering her. Akira falls down as she starts getting pain in her leg and soon she is taking to the hospital by Kondo. After returning to the home she thinks about how Kondo has taken her to the hospital and thinks to call him but couldn’t. On the next day as she gets bored she tries to go to the convenience store but meets Kondo who is on his way to her home in order to apologize to her mother. They both go to a restaurant and starts talking with each other then suddenly Akira tells him that she likes him.


I really feel bad for Takashi as he really tries to confess his feelings to Akira but on the other hand Akira doesn’t care about it and only focus on Kondo even though he doesn’t look at her in such a why and that’s what I belive as he try to avoid the awkward situation when she tells him that she likes him. Really I don’t know why but I just can’t stop looking at her eyes, just why is her eyes so beautiful and I really loved the way they how she looks when she thinks about Kondo. I just hope this story gets much more interesting in coming episodes.


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