After the Rain Episode 1 : Age doesn’t matter when you are in love.


Akira is a high school student who gets injured and has to leave the track team. On a rainy day she visits a family restaurant where she meets Kondo who is the manager of the restaurant who treats her to a coffee. Soon Akira joins as a part timer in the resturent and tries to find a chance to confess her feelings to Kondo.


The main lead is 45 years old and she is just a high school student and how should I put this I think it’s kind of weird. I know that age should not matter when you are in love but an age difference of over 25 years is kind of uh weird. I know that Akira is the only one who sees Kondo like that but at least she should think about the age gap between them. Even though it is the first episode the visuals are so good and I just can’t stop looking into her eyes ❤ as they are so beautiful.

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