ACCA: A must watch anime.



The story revolves around Jean Otus, the second-in-command of the inspection department of ACCA, is charged with inspecting all 13 state branches. First the superiors wants to dissolve inception department because they thought that the world is in peace and they think that they don’t need it anymore but one of the first audit of Jean he found that one of the districts ACCA office is corrupted and soon Jean founds out that the superiors decided to not to close the investigation department and asks Jean to investigate each and every department. The story continues about what Jean finds out while auditing these 13 districts.


Story (9/10):

I really liked this story it shows how the world actually runs. Even the world is peaceful they are so many differences in each and every place. While one nation has everything the other nation as nothing but they still continue to live on in a hope that they will get to see the good days one day. If you think that the world is peaceful then you are wrong the people are just adjusting themselves in order to make the world look like that but deep inside they just want freedom from the greedy rulers who just promises and vanish after what they want. This anime shows everything about that like how the administration is corrupted and how one district wants to control ACCA in order to get power by using Jean who technically has a royal blood in him and can become the next king.

Art (8/10):

I really didn’t get at what century this anime was based on I mean to say that there was a time when cigarettes were a luxurious item and it is difficult to get hands on them but I don’t think that technology was developed at that time at least there were no cell phones with camera. But the way they showed each district according to their tradition was amazing. The art is really adjusted according to its story.

Characters (10/10):

I would like to say each and every role is perfectly played by all of them. Some characters really makes to think us twice about what are we doing right now and I really loved each and everyone in this.

Soundtrack (10/10):

The sound track in this anime is really amazing guys. The back ground music is amazing it just suites the anime perfectly.

Things Which I loved in this anime:

The opening:

The opening of this anime is so good, I haven’t skipped it once while watching it and the song is soooooooo cool.


The characters:

The characters in this anime are so cool. The characters which caught my eyes are.


The hero of this anime and he is so cool. He doesn’t care even though people try to use him for  their benefits he is just like I don’t give a damn even though I have a royal blood I just want to stay in ACCA and smoke my cigarettes.

ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka - 02 - Large 30


Jean’s friend who always have Jean’s back. Actually he works for ACCA team and secretly keeps an eye on Jean. Nino’s father used to work for the king and used to send reports about the second princess to the King. I really like the friendship between Nino and Jean and I feel like they are more like a brothers and less like friends and one more think Nino is amazing,cool and awesome and I just can’t find the right words to describe him.



I don’t know why but this character really caught my eye. This character is like those people who likes to throw stones at successful people. He is a funny character tough I like the way he shows his affection towards lotta.



Jean’s younger sister who really likes to eat lots of sweets and takes care of the building where they work as a land lord. I don’t know why but I feel like she is kind of cute and I really ship Lotta and Nino and not only that even Lotta has a crush on Nino when she was small.


Prince Schwann:

An idiotic prince who tries to dissolve ACCA after he became the King. Everyone is afraid of him as they think that the nation who get destroyed by his stupidness . Even though he is an idiot and stubborn he even has his cute sides.



Well these are the characters which caught my eye. I am not saying that the other characters are not good as even they are have their uniqueness in them.

It’s all about bread:

Well I feel like this mangaka has a really sweet tooth as she never misses to mention the types or breads in each and every episode and in an episode they were only talking about bread which was kind of refreshing and I don’t know why 😛

Overall review:

I just going to say one thing this anime is so good, the story, the sound track everything is so good that I just couldn’t stop watching it till the end. I must say this anime as something which will make us to watch it till the end. This anime is all about corruption and stuff and I don’t think it has any message in it, but it is not so dark as other dark animes which focuses on corruption and stuff which makes it good to watch and you will definitely fall in love with this anime. I recommend this anime to everyone.



2 thoughts on “ACCA: A must watch anime.

  1. I hope you enjoy watching it 😁

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  2. I’m watching this one right now!

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