Gakuen babysitters : Let’s all jump into the pool of emotions.


Ryuichi and Kotaro lost their parents in a plane crash and has nowhere to go then the school’s chairwoman of Morinomiya Academy offers to take the boys into her care on the condition that Ryuichi helps out with the school’s daycare center and work there as a babysitter while also attending normal classes during school hours. The daycare consists of the children of the teachers who work in that school.

What do I like in this anime ? :

Like is a very small feeling for it so I would say what do I love in this anime ? and the answer is everything. Basically I just love this anime it is so cute and heart warming and if you think that it is an all happy anime then you are wrong there are some scenes in it which will hit right through your feels, so it is better to keep a pack of tissues beside you while watching this anime. I don’t know about the manga but this anime is so addicting you guys, even though I have to go to work today early in the morning I had pulled an all nighter and watched all the episodes. As I was watching my time I was like ” Anjani, just go to sleep you need to wake up early in the morning and go to work ” but my heart was like  ” Anjani, how can you leave these cute babies and go to sleep? do you think you can sleep peacefully? No right? so just finish up the series and then sleep peacefully” and that’s how my heart wins always. This anime will definitely win your heart guys and I can promise you that. So while talking about the anime I would like to talk about my favorite things in this anime.

The babies:

I just can’t describe how much cute they are, I literally want to squeeze and hug the natural warmers 😛 I really like the determination which are shown by these pumpkin pies, like Kotaro while trying to squeeze the lemon for his brother and like Kirin while trying to fly on her broom. Ahhh, I really wish I have their determination. These cutie pies will make your day with their cuteness when you are feeling low.



The love between Kotaro and Ryuichi:

Ahhh they really make my heart melt all the time. I really like the way they try to adjust with everything I mean even though Kotaro is a baby he still tries to understand their circumstances and try not to cause any trouble to his elder brother and on the other hand I really like the way Ryuichi takes care of Kotaro. Sometimes I feel like he is less of a brother and more of a mother to Kotaro.


Hayato and Taka :

These brothers though I really like the way how they are totally opposite of Kotaro and Ryuichi. I know that Hayato just wants to be honest but it is not nice to say your brother that you neither hate him or love I mean it just breaks the cutie pies heart. Even though they both are like that they really love each other and this love hate relationship is what I love the most.



The bromance between Hayato and Ryuichi:

I really love the bromance between these two guys, even though Hayato is emotionless he really cares for Ryuichi and always like to stay by his side all the time. I mean Hayato litreally joined the babysitters club in order to help Ryuichi. One more thing Ryuichi and Hayato are really cute in those wigs.



The parents:

The mothers of the kids are very cute but when it comes to the fathers they are kind of funny I mean just look at Takuma and Kazuma’s dad he is hilarious and so handsome 😛 I really love the way he gets emotional towards his kids even though he is a famous actor and on the other side Kirin’s dad who really loves his daughter on one side and flirts with other girls on the other side. Overall even their parents entertain us in this anime.



Last but not the least Saikawa the butler:

I really love this one and I have really fallen for him. I really like the way he doesn’t take anything serious and often crackes jokes. My favorite part is when Taka tries to talk with Kotaro and does a heavy breathing but Saikawa thinks him as a pervert and tells him that he is wearing black pants. I don’t know why but my heart beat raises when ever I see him in this anime.


Overall I would like to say one thing this anime is soooooooooooooooooooooooo good. If you think that this anime is only about how to babysit a baby then you are wrong I am telling you it will literally hit you with a lot of feels. I felt really sad when Kotaro cried when he realized that his father won’t lift his call anymore 😦 I really recommend this anime to everyone.




5 thoughts on “Gakuen babysitters : Let’s all jump into the pool of emotions.

  1. Awesome review 😊👏👏 would like to watch this anime

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  2. Loved this review! It sums up this anime perfectly. I found this one to be a pure joy and I got so excited each week when a new episode aired. All the babies made me want to cry happy tears because of how sweet and squishy they all were! I loved Kotaro especially he was such a sweetie! I’m really going to miss this one!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Even me too I just wish they just make a season 2 for this one.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah I’d love a season 2!

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