Junjuo Romantica (S2) : ( Episodes 4&6 ) ( Hiroki X Nowaki ): Sugoi Sugoi !!


In both the episodes we can see the misunderstandings which are created between them and how they try to solve them together.


I really like the relationship in between these two in this season as they are so Kawai. I can literally see Hiroki change a little bit when compare to season 1. I know he is a bit tsundere but he should definitely tell Nowaki how he really feels and one more thing is about their age gap, I don’t think why they worry about it so much. Misaki and Usagi has 10 years of age gap between them and they don’t even care about it and Miyagi and Shinobu has 17!! years age gap and Shinobu is like it’s not a big deal and these two has only 4 years gap and it pretty normal but they are litreally worried about it. And when it comes to Nowaki I really like the way he fantasies about Hiroki even though he knows that it won’t come true. Overall I really love it they are amazing together and I like the way Nowaki controls his emotions even though Hiroki gets mad at him. I just can’t wait to see their relationship in season 3.


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