Have you seen Anime America awards 2017?

At the beginning of every year I eagerly wait for anime awards in order to check out which anime did it’s best during the year. Recently everyone was talking about the Crunchyroll anime awards and I can literally tell how much they are disappointed by reading their posts and even I felt the same but I think it ok as I felt that everyone has their own opinions. If you haven’t seen it yet  then check it out here .

Anime America is a you tube channel which is all about anime. They always have a good content with them. At the beginning of the every year they do this anime awards thing which I like the most as they never tried to disappoint their audience in this thing. So recently they have uploaded their awards video which is really good. If you haven’t seen it then check it out as it is really good and I belive that it won’t dissappoint you because it shows more than just My Hero Academia.


I hope you all enjoyed watching it 🙂

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