BL anime? or Normal anime? : let’s just not care about it anymore.

Well recently I have read a post about how Yuri on ice is treated as a BL anime which is posted by Lina. I really felt bad about it, I mean this anime is about figure skating and I don’t like the way people treat it as a BL anime. Even though if it is a BL anime then who cares this anime is awesome and it really deserves a season 2. I mean I came to know about how cool figure skating is after watching this anime.

It kind of bothering me for a long time so I just want to share some views on that. So I am just going to be honest and straight forward regarding this matter. I like watching BL not because it as two guys falls in love and do stuff but because I feel like they are much better than some romantic anime out their. I just want to say one thing and that is watching a BL anime doesn’t make you gay. It’s not real guys they are just some fantasy stories which are written by some fujoshi’s or people who want to steal the women’s heart through them. I am not a fujoshi and at least I don’t ship two boys for my fun or anything in real life. I read BL because they make my heart feel warm. I know there are some anime out there which promotes child pronography like Boku no Pico as I really hate it and I don’t like to promote it. I have never seen a girl’s love anime as I don’t know any, if people would tell me that this anime is good then I would definitely gonna watch it because I want to see the story and not girl on girl action. Recently The Spooky Red Head has posted an article regarding Sexuality and Gender in sailor moon in which she has mention two points about the lesbian couple  Michiru and Haruka and Gay couple Kunzite and Zoisite. If people would have only seen this in the entire anime would sailor moon be a great magical girl anime? No right and if we recommend this to some one they will probably say that no, this anime is so gay or no, this anime is so lesbo.

There are so many anime out there where we can see so much of  bromance like Karneval, this anime has so much of bromance in it and Yokai apartment where there is so much of romance where the characters itself ship the male characters. BL anime is created in order to entertain us. They are not only created for Fujoshi but they are also created for normal people. If you are interested then watch it otherwise don’t watch it. It  is not fair to tell an anime as a BL if two boys just kissed each other, well Naruto and Sasuke kissed each other but the anime is still an amazing one and people really love it. If you ask me why then I would say that the story is awesome and same goes to the sailor moon. My point here is even though it is a Bl anime try to know the story and art in it. There are some anime out there like Sekaiichi Hatsukoi which not only shows us the love between boys but also the struggles which are faced by an editorial department for publishing a book. I just want to tell you one thing if someone tells you to watch a BL anime even though you are not a fujoshi then it means that anime is good and it is deserved to watch.



12 thoughts on “BL anime? or Normal anime? : let’s just not care about it anymore.

  1. It seems that in Japan (and in the west), anything that have m/m romance is BL. NO.6 is shojo, but because there’s two men kiss, many people called it BL. Same with Patalliro, and countless shojo manga.

    As for me, it depends on the publisher. Is this manga get serialized in BL magazine? Then it’s BL.

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    1. Yup it totally based on how we see it and even I consider it as a BL if it is published in a BL magazine.

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  2. Great post. Interesting to read your thoughts on the subject.

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  3. I’ve commented on Lina’s post and I’ve gave my 50 cents towards the topic in my blog sometime ago, you can read it here if you want:

    But summing up and I’m only talking about Anime over here. Regarding BL I think that there is too few shows that portrait normal guys falling in love, normally it has something to do with sexual harassment, one of the parts being abused phisically and psichologic and some other points that as a gay guy doesn’t really work for me. But you are completely right! Those shows are made to entertain a group of people and if they like there is no problem with that! If you are not doing anything bad to other person I’m cool with that. But I would love to have some BL more focused in normal gay guys though.

    Regarding Yuri!!! On Ice (and No.6 which also has a gay couple although not the essential) I think this is the turning point. Even if there are people who may call it gay and don’t watch it because it’s “gay” it had a tremendous success all over the world and I do believe that we will start seeing more gay couples in “normal” anime from now on.

    Just a note regarding Boku no Piku. I’m not going to lie, I don’t like it! However, in Japan the age for you to be seen as having sexual activities is 13, so it’s really not that abnormal if you think in their culture. If you go to hentai and so on you will also see girls that seem way too young to be portraied like that. It may make people like us with a different culture confused and a little scared, however for their culture is seen at least legal. (Although I think they need to be 18/21 to do porn). So as the stories of these relationships that you watch/read that are made to entertain a group of people’s fantasies towards abuse and so on, Boku no Piku is just that but for the fantasy of young boys. Remember that not so long ago princesses with 13 years old were marrying and having kids of kings with their 30’s. I could go along and continue, but maybe I’ll save it for a post because I’ve already wrote a LOT in this comment! Sorry for that >.<

    Nevertheless great post and I'm totally with you! Having homossexual couples in an Anime series should NOT matter. And well, I think we are seeing the turning point with the great success of Yuri!!! On Ice 🙂

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    1. Hahahaha I don’t know what to reply anymore as you have covered everything, so I am just going to appreciate your comment 👏👏

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      1. Oh :$ Thank you >.<

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  4. You are correct,
    “BL anime is created in order to entertain us”, that’s the main point.
    There are lots of good BL manga/webcomic. People should be open-minded to explore BL whether they like it because they are fujoshi/fudanshi or just to enjoy the story&romance.
    If they want it more realistic then check out “bara”.

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    1. I haven’t seen/read bara so I am just going to check it out 👍


      1. I’ve only read 1 bara, it’s called “ My Brother’s Husband” it’s pretty good.

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  5. People get weirdly hung up on “genres” and it’s too bad. Doing that is really a good way to miss out on some fantastic series.

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    1. Yes, people are too hung up on genre but when it comes to BL/GL it is more a question of if you are comfortable to watch a same sex relationship. At the end of the day, the focus in all BL/GL is the relationship, no matter the genre. And if you aren’t comfortable with two guys kissing then it doesn’t matter how good a story it is. Sadly.


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