Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji ( Full Review )

Disclaimer: This show can only be watched by the people who are above 18 years old.


Teacher Nano Saikawa hasn’t given much thought to marriage, but her father’s friend wants her to have a marriage interview with his son, Souichirou Takamiya. After the interview, they spend the day together. As they gradually become more comfortable with one another, Souichirou asks for her hand in marriage. Things quickly heat up between them, and the two wind up in bed together. However, when she removes his glasses, she discovers he is not Souichirou; he is actually one of her problem students, Souji Kuga!

Souji’s explanation is watertight: when he realized his brother was to be Nano’s intended, Souji posed as him in order to be with her. And what’s more, he is even confident that his family will approve of their marriage. However, an illicit relationship with a student is the last thing Nano wants. But will she be able to resist his charms, especially when her body begins to ache for his?

Story Source: MyAnimelist.


My first impression was What the hell I am even watching seriously this was my first thought which came into my mind while watching this anime. When I read the story I felt like it will be more like a romance anime but no it turned out to be hentai.

I really don’t have any problem with the story guys I mean it is really good it is a love story between a student and a teacher which can be seen in so many anime and manga. I really thought this story would be like this A student confess his love to his teacher but teacher refuses him and then student really struggles hard in order to win her heart. But what happens here, he literally forces himself on her and Nano, I don’t get it why doesn’t she even fight back!! I am just going to be honest guys this story is good they would have turned this into a good romance anime but no they just wanted to turn it into a hentai and more thing the ending song of this anime is good and I have never skipped it once you should all definitely check this song.





I am going to give this anime a 5/10.

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