8 similarities between Naruto and My Hero Academia.

Naruto and My Hero Academia are one of the best anime in the anime world. These anime inspired a lot of people all around the world. So today I am going to share the similarities between both the anime.

1. A world where literally everyone has powers:

In Naruto everyone have different kinds of powers called Jutsu. There are different kinds of Jutsu such as Ninjutsu, Genjutsu etc., and in My hero academia everyone has a different kinds of powers like super strength, mind control etc.,

2. A hero who is powerless but have a big dream:

Both Deku and Naruto are weak or powerless at the starting of the series. They literally struggled a lot in order to become stronger. Naruto’s dream is to become a Hokage and Deku’s dream is to become a super hero.

3. Teachers who trains them:

Jiraiya from naruto trains Naruto in order to make him strong and to save the world while All might from My hero academia trains Deku in order to transfer his power and make him a super hero in order to save the world and wants more Jiraiya dies in the series while fighting pain and All might is about to die due to an injury caused by a villan during a fight.


4. A crush or a love interest:

Both of the main leads have a crush on the female leads like Naruto has crush on Sakura and Deku has crush on Uraraka. Let’s be honest here Uraraka treats Deku much better than how Sakura treats Naruto.

5. A friend who is also a rival:

In Naruto we have Sasuke whom naruto treats as a good friend and for whom he is willing to die. Naruto always wanted to get recognized by Sasuke and on the same time wants to be stronger than him which is certainly not liked by Sasuke and becomes his rival. On the other hand we have Bakugo who is Deku’s childhood friend who is admired by everyone. Deku always wanted to be stronger like him and wanted to get recognized by him which is certainly not liked by Bakugo.

6. Chunin exams and U.A. sports fest:

Well I feel this is the most similar thing I have found in these anime and I really enjoyed these while watching the anime. In Naruto we have Chunin exams, these exams are conducted in order to get promoted from Genin to Chunin in which they make the candidates to form different teams and fight with each other and On the other hand we have U.A. sports which are conducted for their students in order to grow more in the academy. The students in this sports meet form different teams and fight with each other.

7. Shoto and Gaara:

Well I am not saying that they are same to same but they have some similarities in between them such as a trauma which is caused by their dads, a wound on their hearts which changed them. Seriously I felt bad when I watched both of their pasts it really made me cry and last but not the least they both are changed by the main leads.

8. Inspiration:

Last but not the least, these anime inspired us a lot. The main thing these anime shows us that Hard work, Friendship and Team work is most important thing in everyone’s life and these are the main things which are important to achieve our dreams. No matter what happens never give up and try to achieve it and one day you will definitely reach your dream or goal.

So these are the similarities which I found in between Naruto and My hero academia. So if there are anymore similarities in between them then make sure to mention them in the comments box below 🙂

4 thoughts on “8 similarities between Naruto and My Hero Academia.

  1. chiyo grama its same name but in bouku no hero it called recovery girl

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  2. It’s because my hero academia is a big three rip off

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