Toru Kouno, has just transferred to a new all-boys school, Fujimori, after living with his uncle for a time. At first he didn’t get anything about what is going inside the school. He thought that people will definitely neglect him as he transferred in the middle of the semester but unfortunately everyone started glaring at him with their lovely eyes. Toru meets Yuujirou who is his classmate as well as room-mate in the dorm. As the day goes by he finds out that the beautiful boys needs to gets dressed like girls for which they receive some princess benefits for entire year. There are already two princesses in the school one is Yuujirou and another one is Mikoto who meets Toru coincidently at the entrance of the gate. Toru accepts the request of joining the princess as he got tempted by the offers which are given by the school council. The story goes on by how  these three gets adjusted in the princess role perfectly.


Well it is a trap. I am telling you even though you think that this show is weird and want to quit you cannot as it won’t let you to stop watching it. I am not kidding when I watched the first episode I was like I think it is kind of weird but unknowingly I have watched 3 whole episodes. It may be weird at beginning but you will start to enjoy it later on. And if you are thinking that it is a BL then you are wrong. They only cross dress as girls and cheer the boys in the school. Well they really look beautiful in girls outfits though and I am just looking forward to the next episodes.

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