Junjou Romantica (S2): Episodes (5,7 and 9): ( Usagi X Misaki ) : Not everyone is after Misaki.

These three episodes covers the love triangles between Misaki,Usagi and Haruhiko and Misaki, Usagi and Sumi. Sumi is Misaki’s friend and often spend time with him. Usagi gets mad at Misaki by telling him that Sumi loves him and he is trying to take Misaki away from him which is denied by Misaki. But we can see that Sumi is not after Misaki but after Usagi.

Well sometimes I feel like Misaki is an air head I mean Usagi founds out before him and warns him before but he never listens to him. But this time Usagi is wrong as Sumi is after Usagi but not Misaki. I really liked the way Misaki pushes Sumi from Usagi and tells him that he only belongs to Misaki. Overall I just like the way how their relationship is growing. I hope it even grows more.


Junjou Romantica (S2) : ( Episodes 1,2 and 3 ) ( Usagi X Misaki ) : Their love story is becoming more and more fun.

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