Junjou Romantica (S1): (Miyagi X Shinobu) ( Episodes 10&11 ): Age is just a number.

I don’t know why but I really love this couple. They are damn cute together.

Shinobu is the brother of Miyagi’s Ex-wife who falls in love with him and unable to confess his feelings to him as Miyagi already married to his sister. When Shinobu found out that they both got divorced he thought it was a destiny and came back from Australia in order to confess his feelings for Miyagi. The story follows how Shinobu made Miyagi to fall in love with him. I literally felt weird when I heard the voice of Miyagi as he shares the same voice of Kakashi who is one of my favorite character 😂. I was literally imagining Kakashi saying those words like the confession scene of Miyagi to Shinobu at the airport, I think it was like this ‘ Listen you piece of shit I might want to fall in love with you ‘

I really felt bad for Miyagi when I saw his past it was really sad. He tried to avoid Shinobu because he was kind of reminding him of his old self.

When it comes to the age gap it kind of bothered me at first and I was like what 17 years of age difference but I got habituated to it and this pair showed me that age is just a number when it comes to love. I really felt Shinobu is kind of cute. He literally thinks nothing is wrong in falling for a person who is 17 years older than him. I really liked the way he forced his love on Miyagi.

Ah I just can’t wait to watch this couple in season 2.


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3 thoughts on “Junjou Romantica (S1): (Miyagi X Shinobu) ( Episodes 10&11 ): Age is just a number.

  1. This is my least favourite couple, mostly because Shinobu probably needed to slow things down. He literally fell in love at first sight, knowing nothing about Miyagi. And while that is fine and all, taking some time to get to know him would probably be a really good idea.

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    1. I don’t think it is love at first at first sight as Shinobu told Miyagi that he use to watch him in library while reading old books and at first he used to think that Miyagi was weird. When it comes to love at first sight I think Nowaki and Hori couple rushed a lot. I mean Hori was sitting on a park bench crying and Nowaki suddenly grabs him and later on he tells him that it was love at first sight. Well no matter what this is an BL anime and in order to create more Romance between the characters the author rushed a lot of things.😜

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