Junjou Romantica (S1) Usagi X Misaki ( Episodes 7,8 and 12 ): Usagi is such a lovely Scum 😜

I know I don’t make any sense and I know I shouldn’t have used the word Scum for Usagi as he is so adorable. I really love the way he takes care of Misaki. I really want Misaki to stop over thinking and try to understand Usagi more. I really love the way Usagi throws him down every time Misaki tries to run away from his true feelings towards Usagi and I want Usagi to do it more and more untill Misaki stops over thinking. Even Misaki tells himself that Usagi is a scum. Well in episode 8 Misaki realized that he is in love with Usagi and he just wants to be with him. Episode 8 really raised my heart beat, the way Usagi came running for Misaki was sooooooo adorable. I know Usagi always does things which Misaki doesn’t like but just be honest, even though Misaki says he never likes it he ends up doing it with him. I want Usagi to do more of that lovely stuff with Misaki. I am not just satisfied with this as I want to see both of them together even more 😍. I hope I may find more lovable episodes of them in season 2.

Junjou Romantica ( Season 1 ): ( Usagi X Misaki ) Episodes 1,2 and 4. Ofcourse You are in love with him Misaki.

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