Haruhi Suzumiya: ( Full Review ) Is it a worth watching anime?

Haruhi Suzumiya an anime which is well known in the anime world. Some may feel happy by hearing this name and some people may get a headache by hearing this name. Right now I am going to write about what do I think about this anime.

First comes the plot:

Haruhi is a high school girl who likes Aliens, Espers, Time travelers etc., On her first day of her school she literally told everyone not to talk with her until unless they are Aliens or Espers or time travelers. Kyon who sat in front of her thought she was interesting and weird and tried to talk to her. One day when Haruhi told Kyon that she is not interested in any of the club and she wants to do something new. Then Kyon suggested her that instead of finding something why doesn’t she create something which makes Haruhi create a club named SOS. The story goes on by how Haruhi made new members   ( Itsuki, Nagato, and Mikuru )  to join the club who is an Esper,  an Alien and a time traveler. They have literally joined the club in order to observe Haruhi who has a supernatural power of creating a world which she doesn’t even know that exists.



I am just going, to be honest about how I really felt while watching this anime. I have watched the entire 28 episodes and I felt the starting episodes a little bit annoying. I really hated Haruhi I felt like she is self-centered, arrogant and most importantly annoying. I felt that the episodes in which Haruhi was not shown were the more peaceful and enjoyable ones. I thought I would quit this anime in middle but I kept watching with the hope that I might find anything interesting and I really did. This anime became interesting in the middle and I kind of started liking Haruhi because she started to think about what is right and wrong because of the Kyon influence on her. When I thought that at last, I can enjoy this anime then came the endless 8 or endless loop episodes where I again started to give a thought about watching this anime. I really felt bad for the people who waited for a whole week to watch the next episode but got to watch the same episodes again and again. It was kind of irritating but at the same time, it was quiet joyous. I really loved to find the differences between each episode and my love for Haruhi was not faded and I felt happy by looking at her. Then came the episodes of cultural festival and  I  felt like God is testing my love for Haruhi as she became so annoying that at a point… No words. I really felt bad for Mikuru as she became a toy in hands of Haruhi. If you ask me what is my favorite character in this anime I would say it would be

1.Nagato 2. Kyon and 3. Itsuki

I think Nagato is kind of cool even though she talks very less she is awesome and I really like her during the competition between the computer society club. I really felt happy by looking at her; she was literally enjoying the game. Kyon – just one word for him ‘hilarious’. I really like the way he thinks about Haruhi and he is the only person who thinks normally in that group. Itsuki – made me laugh continuously no matter how much the situation became worse.

If you would ask me whether this anime is worth to watch – I would say Yes. Even though it doesn’t give you any message it is worth a watch as it is interesting. If you feel irritated and left the anime in the middle then you are definitely missing a huge thing. I recommend each and everyone to watch this anime.



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Haruhi Suzumiya: (Episodes 7&8) Haruhi is growing up little by little.

Haruhi Suzumiya: ( Episodes 9,10&11 ) I just don’t know what’s going on.

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