Haruhi Suzumiya: ( Episodes 20 to 28 ) Why are the creators of this anime are playing with my feelings?

After watching the endless loop episodes I looked forward to find more interesting episodes than that. Even though they were little bit irritating but I kind of enjoyed watching those 8 episodes. It was good to find the differences between them and I really loved the way Haruhi enjoying her high school days. Now coming to the remaining episodes ( 20 to 28 ) you may enjoy them except the last one which made be kind of bored. These episodes are nothing but a film making by SOS club for their cultural festival and competition between the SOS club and the computer society club.

I still don’t understand why does the creators created Haruhi in such a way. I mean she was literally annoying from the beginning but I kind of started liking her then again they showed her as a mad person in between. I really felt bad for Mikuru as Haruhi treated her as a toy for her movie, I don’t know why but I literally wanted to hit her for that but thanks to Kyon for raising his voice towards her it kind of calmed me down.

You guys should definitely check episode 25 it was kind of hilarious that episode was nothing but the film which was made by SOS club. I don’t know what Haruhi wanted it to be but it was good I mean to say that the plot was quit interesting  ( It’s a story about a combat waitress who comes from future in order to save an Esper boy from an Evil Alien ) I really wish someone to write a full-fledged story on it. I kind of ship Mikuru and Itsuki though they kind of look cute together.



I wasn’t happy with the episode 28 though it was kind of Mehh for me. The only thing I liked was the ending scene where Haruhi and Kyon shares an umbrella.

Overall if you skipped watching this anime after endless loop episodes you will end up missing some good episodes after that.


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