Haruhi Suzumiya: ( Episodes 15 to 19 ) Finally it’s Over.

At last I did it, I have finished all the 8 endless loop episodes and right now I am feeling so much happy and relaxed. I don’t need to go through that anymore. The only things which were changed in these episodes where their clothes and the masks which Nagato purchased. There are also other things which they changed in this like the number of time loops which they been through etc,.

I have one question the time got stuck between 17th Aug to 31st Aug right then how did in episode 18 the date is shown as 8th. Did they showed it wrong or am I the one who got mistaken I really don’t know about it but it literally caught my eye.


Well keeping that aside I just want to salute to all those  people who watched this endless loop episodes without getting frustrated and without stopping it in middle. You really have a lots of patience.

giphy (1)


When I was watching these episodes I really thought that there must be something which is related to Kyon’s homework and I was right. After watching it I was just like seriously. Nice try creators I wonder how the voice actors have felt while recording the same dialogues again and again for all the 8 episodes, Maybe they haven’t recorded those many times who knows. I wonder how many viewers they have lost because of these episodes. The only thing I liked in this endless loop episodes are the opening and ending as they are soooooooooo good to hear. Nice job even if the episodes made me bored  these songs made me entertain.


I felt like the only person in this anime who kept smiling in this time loop episodes it Itsuki.


No matter how worse the situation is just keep on smiling 🙂

Overall I am just going to watch the next episodes in a hope that they will be the best.

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4 thoughts on “Haruhi Suzumiya: ( Episodes 15 to 19 ) Finally it’s Over.

  1. A lot of us (old people) saw this endless loop of hell while it was airing. It was painful.

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