Haruhi Suzumiya: ( Episodes 9,10&11 ) I just don’t know what’s going on.





I think I will get mad before the suspense gets reviled. This show is getting interesting and I really want to enjoy it but no I just can’t as the suspense is killing me. But I am going to control myself and I will watch it till the end.

After watching Episodes 9,10 and 11 there are so many questions raised in my mind.

First one, do you think Haruhi is behind everything which is happening right now?

Second one, is Nagato behind everything which is happening right now? As we can see the previous episodes we will know that everything started three years back. If you remember Haruhi draws something on her middle school’s play ground and if we put it as an Alien language we can say that Nagato might find it interesting and is trying to use Haruhi to kill her loneliness or her boredom.

Third one, Is everyone playing a game with Kyon in order to prove him that super natural things do exists and just using Haruhi as a stepping stone for it?  or  Kyon unconsciously doing everything and literally he is the God and not Haruhi. ( This one is just my assumption though )

And now moving on to the review I can see the SOS club move into some action  by solving some cases and they were pretty interesting. I liked the case in the remote island which is probably episode 10 and 11 which is literally a murder case. I really enjoyed it though and I can see Haruhi enjoying her highschool life and I felt so happy for her. Sometimes I feel like she wants to enjoy her high school life because of Kyon who tries to control her all the time.

Haruhi Suzumiya ( Episodes 1&2 ) What is wrong with the main leads?

Haruhi Suzumiya: (Episodes 3&4) I think I am going to like this anime.

Haruhi Suzumiy: (Episodes 5&6) This anime is becoming more and more interesting.

Haruhi Suzumiya: (Episodes 7&8) Haruhi is growing up little by little.

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