Haruhi Suzumiya: (Episodes 5&6) This anime is becoming more and more interesting.

doesn’t she look so cute.

Less the Haruhi is becoming annoying the more the episodes are becoming interesting, I am really loving this anime guys, I just thought that this anime revolves around abnormal high school girl but nope just as the saying goes don’t judge a book by its cover we just cannot judge this anime by reading a plot. In Episode 5 we can see what Itsuki deals with I mean his powers and stuff and we can also see why Haruhi is so interested in Alien stuff ” Just don’t take your kids to baseball matches guys they might turn up like Haruhi ” I am just kidding. In episode 6 we can see the other dimension which is created by Haruhi when she is in distress. And whats more fun Haruhi actually tried to listen to Kyon and I felt kind of revelled ” Haruhi is growing”. This episodes are so cool guys and I am looking forward to see more of this.  By the way I really liked Haruhi in her Ponytail she really looks cute in it.



Haruhi Suzumiya ( Episodes 1&2 ) What is wrong with the main leads?

Haruhi Suzumiya: (Episodes 3&4) I think I am going to like this anime.


11 thoughts on “Haruhi Suzumiya: (Episodes 5&6) This anime is becoming more and more interesting.

  1. Glad you are enjoying it more. The problem with chronological order though is that you’ve already seen the season finale of broadcast order. There’s still some cool stuff to happen but the show peaks kind of early when you watch it chronologically.

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    1. Yeah, the climax of the story is done, BUT not to fear—it’s still just the emotional climax, and the rest of the episodes are good, and even better is that the best part of the series (thus far), the film, is still a while away for you. Be sure you don’t skip it!

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      1. Oh yes. The film is well worth watching.


      2. I decided to watch this anime till the end 🙂

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    2. No matter what happens I hope that I will enjoy this anime.

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