Haruhi Suzumiya: (Episodes 3&4) I think I am going to like this anime.



When coming to episodes 3 and 4 they are kind of good. I really enjoyed episode 4 more than episode 3. In episode 3 we can see that all the members in the club are not humans. Basically Nagato is an Alien, Mikuru is a time traveller and the new transfer student Itsuki is an esper and all of them joined the club in order to keep an eye on her or observe her. No wonder Mikuru stayed in that club even though she was sexually harassed by Haruhi.

At first I thought Nagato doesn’t talk but when she does it’s too fast to understand. Nothing went into my head when she was telling about herself to Kyon, the only thing I got is that she is an Alien and she was born 3 years ago and she came to investigate Haruhi. Not only with Nagato even I felt the same with Mikuru. I really enjoyed episode 4 guys the fight between Nagato and Ryoko is good. They haven’t shown Haruhi much in these which made me to watch these episodes in peace. I really hope that I will find more good episodes in future.


Haruhi Suzumiya ( Episodes 1&2 ) What is wrong with the main leads?

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