Haruhi Suzumiya ( Episodes 1&2 ) What is wrong with the main leads?



Well episode 1 starts with the introduction of the main leads Haruhi and Kyon. Haruhi states in front of everyone that she is not interested in normal humans and only the people with special powers can be friends with her. The episode goes on by how Kyon shows interest in Haruhi and how they form a club. And when it comes to Episode 2 we can see the new club members and we can also see how Haruhi forces everyone to do what she says.


I felt annoyed while watching these two episodes like seriously Kyon talks toooooooooo fast and it is kind of hard to catch up with him and on the other hand Haruhi, when I was watching her I was like ” Oh God please put some common sense in her “ she is literally annoying. I feel like she is a bit psycho. She is really a pain and high maintenance girl. Even though I feel show much annoyed I still want to watch this anime till the end. Let’s see if my opinion on them will change or not.

13 thoughts on “Haruhi Suzumiya ( Episodes 1&2 ) What is wrong with the main leads?

  1. Haruhi is certainly high maintenance. There are some moments however where she shows that she isn’t all self centred. I liked season one of this show. Hopefully the other cast members will win you over.

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  2. Are you watching in broadcast or chronological order?

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    1. I am watching it in chronological order.

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      1. Well, hopefully the characters will grow on you as you go.

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