Is Barakamon all about Naru and Handa?




This story revolves around Handa who is a pro calligrapher punches an elderly curator of an exhibition for criticizing his calligraphy for being too unoriginal. As punishment, and also in order to aid him in self-reflection, Seishuu’s father exiles him to the Goto Islands, far from the comfortable Tokyo lifestyle the temperamental artist is used to. The story follows how Handa realise his mistakes and try to change himself by meeting the people of the village.


I am just coming straight to the point  I don’t think this anime is all about Naru and Handa, I mean in the beginning we can see how Naru was so energetic and always tries to cheer up Handa but in the middle I felt like it was kind of disappeared. Naru always encourages Handa when he becomes dull or feels low but I don’t think that she helped him all the time. I feel like each and every character in this anime played a huge amount of role to impress or to change Handa. Naru is my cutie pie and I really love her but when I read some reviews before watching this anime or when I read the plot I felt like it is more about Naru and Handa and that’s what made me to watch this anime. I haven’t read this manga so I don’t know anything about it but I would have felt more happy if they showed more interaction between Naru and Handa. Handa really cares for Naru but I felt like he never tried to know about her.

So coming to the next point: The things which attracted me in this anime.

The kids:

I really love the children in this anime they are so adorable especially Naru and Hina. Sometimes I feel like are they really 6 or 7 years old? But they made my day, my heart-felt really warm when I look at them.


Fujoshi Tama:

I am telling you guys episode 3 really cracked me up. I never laughed like that while watching the entire anime. Her craziness over BL is really on different level and that’s what made me to notice her.


Seishuu Handa:

How can I not write about the main lead. He is my new love. I really like him guys he may be arrogant or childish but I really love him. He has a charm which attracted me towards him.


Emi Handa:

At first I thought she is a kind of wife who politely listens to her husband’s words and a doting mother but no she is kind of  a person who pouts no matter how old she is and protest against her own husband and son but that’s what makes her cute and I really like her.


Overall Review:

This anime is very good and you will definitely learn so many things and after watching this anime even I felt like going to the county side and live for few days. This anime is not  at all dull and even the comedy is soooooo good and you will enjoy it till the end. I really felt like my life is empty after finishing this anime and I really want more of this. Overall this anime is soothing to your eyes and makes your heart feel warm.



6 thoughts on “Is Barakamon all about Naru and Handa?

  1. I agree with ur comment thelostvioce027! ❤

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    1. Sorry, correction = thelostvoice027.

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      1. Sometimes I wish that there is an edit option in this 😂

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      2. Yeah me too, lol. XD


  2. nope, not about naru and handa, lol. just handa himself.
    I feel like the author likes him too much, maybe a self insert (?) but little time was given to naru, imo.
    and in the spin off, naru is cut altogether to give more room for handa, because handa is bae

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