Why do I don’t like watching live action adaptions? 

Because I think they spoil everything.

Seriously guys we read a manga if it’s good it will become popular and people turn them into an anime which is kind of great thing as we can enjoy seeing our favorite characters move in  action but what happens next they try to make it into a live action movies or dramas which will disappoint me. Remember death note live action adaption. It was one of my favorite anime and  it is a masterpiece and what did they do they turned it into a live action and created a great disappointment in me. I just want to say that if you want to make a movie try something else don’t spoil good manga and anime. I prefer to watch anime adaptions than live action and I think it’s better that way. First of all why does anime exist? It exists in order take us to a imaginary world. The things which can be done in anime world can’t be done in real life. I can give you an example do you think an actress can do an expression like this ?

Or like this

Or like this

Even if they do I think they will look weird. So my point is let them be like that don’t spoil the fun by turning them into live action adaptions. 

3 thoughts on “Why do I don’t like watching live action adaptions? 

  1. I generally agree but it shouldn’t be impossible to adapt an anime into a live action. Look at all the western comics successfully adapted into movies. Who believed Thor or Wonder Woman, or Aquaman would work on the big screen? Yet they all succeeded.

    I don’t want all beloved manga to be adapted to anime even. For example; I love Super Lovers. I was super happy when they announced the anime. I have never felt such disappointment when I saw the anime. It was too flat. But, I read the manga first, maybe that’s why.

    Finally: Death Note should never, ever had seen the light of day. Ever. Not even if it had not been an adaptation. It’s a horrible movie. I didn’t even manage to see half an hour before I had to turn it off and that never happens, how bad a movie I see.

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    1. I agree with you. It entirely depends on how the movie is made some turns them into a masterpiece and some just makes them into a disaster.

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  2. I feel the same way

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