Barakamon: ( Episode 3 ) Tama Chan I know how it feels😂

So this episode is basically shows us how Tama Chan became a fujoshi and what does Handa Kun learned from mochi picking.


I really love Tama Chan in this episode. I mean she is literally like me except the manga writing thing. I felt the same way as she felt when she read the BL manga for the first time

But it became one of my favorite genre for me . I mean come on it’s not that weird. When ever people says Why do you have such kind of interests I am like

Overall this episode is hilarious and I really cracked up when Tama goes to collect her BL manga and wanted to explain about it to Handa but unfortunately sees this

Your timing is really bad Tama. Overall if I need to rate this episode I will give it 5/5.

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