Barakamon ( Episode 1 and 2 ) I think I found myself a new crush 😍

Overview :

After punching a gallery curator for calling his calligraphy boring Handa is sent by his father to a small town in the Goto Islands to focus on his calligraphy as he waits out his banishment. This episodes covers the introductions of the characters and how the people in the village welcomes him. 
Review :

I really loved these episodes. This anime is like my love at first sight. Both the episodes are so funny. Even though Handa is shown as arrogant person at first he looked like a soft hearted person in between. The comedy though it was so good in the second episode. And what should I talk about that cutie pie Naru. Ah I wish I am as energetic as her. And one more thing I think I have fallen for Handa 😍 and I really don’t know why. Overall these episodes made me to watch more.

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