Gosick: Is it a Detective series or a Romance series?

Before I started watching this anime I checked about this in various sources except wikipedia as I feel like it shows me the entire story, so I thought it as a mysterious or detective series by reading the plot of it. I felt like this anime will be interesting and started watching it and I was like ” it is really interesting ” as we can see, some anime will have amazing plot and when we start watching it, it becomes boring but it is not like that. We can see Victorique and Kujo slove cases together in the beginning so I fixed it in my mind that ” so it is completely a detective series ” then the real drama gets started and I was like “wait I thought that it is a detective series what’s happening now” and in the last it ended as a Romantic series which I really loved.

So my point is don’t watch it like a complete detective series as you will feel disappointed if you are a detective genre lover as it has more Romance in it.

When coming to the characters I really love Victorique she is my cutie pie ❤ I love her stubbornness, I love her intelligence and I love everything about her. 

When it comes to Kujo how do I say it I felt like he was only kept in this anime to shout ” Victoriqueeeeeeeeeee ” and to search her all the time, he is more navie than Victorique and sometimes I feel like “why don’t you use your brain for once”  but he helps Victorique all the time. In some episodes she even says that she can’t solve the case if Kujo is not there with her and I really like the way he loves Victorique. I don’t hate him in fact I love him and I think he is cute but I wish the author should have showed him as a strong person.

Now coming to the story My favorite part was the ending episodes. Everything was one side and the last episodes was on another side. If you feel bore at the beginning don’t worry wait patiently and watch it till the end as I am telling you guys you will fall in love with this. I am going to recommend it to each and every one as this anime is a must watch. 🙂

I have reviewed it according to the episodes so if you want to check it out then you can click on the links below

For case one click here

For case two click here

For case three click here

For case four click here

For case five click here

Gosick : Spending summer with Victorique

For case six click here

6 thoughts on “Gosick: Is it a Detective series or a Romance series?

  1. I am not into detective fiction, but watching Gosick was actually a good start for me to appreciate the excitement of such genre. However, for a hardcore fan of detective series, Gosick isn’t something to get hooked up with. The detective aspect of the show is just a part of its micro scale plot as the series solely focuses on Victorique’s family issue as the episodes go by. Although with that case, I pretty enjoyed watching the interaction of the main leads. The show doesn’t have a notable romantic involvement either, but I think their cute relationship makes the story a lot more special.

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    1. Even I loved the interaction between the main leads 😀

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  2. As a romance it probably works better. I didn’t think much of it as a detective series but if they’d upped the romance aspects I might have enjoyed this much more. Nice point.

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    1. Even I felt the same about this genre. I am preferring it as a Romantic series than Detective series.

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  3. Lol…Kujo exists solely to shout “Victoriqueeeee” – an accurate observation. I definitely see all your points here ☺

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