This case is going to cover episodes 13,14 and 15.


This case is all about a mysterious alchemist who disappeared or died a long back and haunts a clock tower where he used to do his inventions or experiments. When ever a foreigner enters into the clock tower dies because of poison. Victorique finds a book in the library which written by that alchemist who challenges her to find him. The story follows around how Victorique, Kujo and Avril finds the secret of the mysterious Alchemist.


This is one of the best episodes of Gosick, I mean seriously I was eagerly watching this episodes to find the culprit and the secret of that alchemist. I really like the way Victorique  solves this case by collecting all the clues and joining them in the end. We can even she the one side love of Avril towards Kujo as she intentionally stops him to meet Victorique. The case starts at episode 13 and continues till episode 15 where you can know the answer. We can even see the part of Victorique’s father past and one more thing which we can see is Grevil’s ordinary hairstyle which makes him look handsome. I can just say that this case is one of the best case so far and I belive that the anime will get more better in the upcoming episodes.


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Gosick : Spending summer with Victorique

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