Gosick : Spending summer with Victorique

In this  I am going to write about episode 12.

So basically I think this episode was basically a filler for this anime as there is no case to be solved by Victorique in this episode. This episode is so cute and I kind of like Victorique stubbornness in this episode. I like the way Kujo turned down Avril’s invitation to visit her vacation house and spend his time with Victorique. This episode shows about Kujo’s past and I really like the way his sister and mother treated him, it was kind of cute and the Young kujo was also cute. There are some scenes in it which will make your heart go Awww. Even though it is a filler episode you will like to watch it.
For case one click here

For case two click here

For case three click here

For case four click here

For case five click here

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