GOSICK : CASE V (The Drill Speaks Eloquently of Love)

This case particularly covers episode 11


This episode revolves around Grevil and Jacqueline who is an old friend of Grevil. This episode shows the past of Jacqueline where she was suspected as a criminal in a murder case and how Grevil solved it with the help of  Victorique. In this episode we can even see how did he even got that hairstyle.


I felt very sad for Grevil guys as he was struggling with his unrequited love towards Jacqueline. You won’t belive me but I teared up a little bit after watching his love story. Let’s move to the main point, this episode is mainly focused on Grevil’s unrequited love story and I really liked this episode. I don’t know why but my respect for Grevil has increased a tiny bit. Now coming to his hairstyle, he is so handsome with his hair down.

Just look at him ❤


Overall this episode was cute and sad at the same time.


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2 thoughts on “GOSICK : CASE V (The Drill Speaks Eloquently of Love)

  1. Oh my, how come I don’t remember this episode? I wonder if I accidentally skipped it. I’ve always liked Grevil and his drill. 😁

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    1. I kind of have mixed impressions on Grevil before this episode but after this I started liking him 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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