This is the IV case which covers episode 9 and 10 so here it goes.



So Kujo’s sister sends him a letter and a gift to Victorique. In that letter there are the list of items which his sister wanted him to purchase and there is an item called Blue Rose which is a replica of a national treasure which is basically used as a paper weight. So Kujo went to Saubreme (the capital city of Sauville) to purchase all those items, there he entered into a department store and found a blue rose on a table and drops it down as he gets startled by two unknown persons who claims themselves as the owner of the department, they tell him to leave and soon after Kujo enters into a basement where he finds a girl in a box and the girl tells him that there are demons who sacrifices girls.  Soon Kujo find it  suspicious and run towards the police station to inform about the situation but the police doesn’t belive in him and the story goes on how Kujo proves himself and solve  the case with the help of Victorique.


I am just going to be honest I think this case is little bit boring when compare to all the previous cases. It doesn’t have anything suspense or anything which will make us eager to see what happens next. This was the simplest case. On the other hand my darling Victorique is sooo cute in this one and we can see a little bit development in their relationship. In this case we can even see  the past of victorique even though it is a little bit .The only thing I liked in this case is Victorique.


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