So I am going to write about the case two that is about episode 4 and 5 and if you want to read about case one you can check it out here


Case IIThere is a Mysterious Ghost in the Abandoned Storehouse ) :


Kujo goes on an errand on the request of house mistress, As he walks to the market, Kujo mumbles to himself about how women can be slave-drivers at times, and also wonders if he can get a blonde as a girlfriend soon. Soon, Kazuya hears the sound of a motorcycle as he approaches the intersection, and as the man goes closer to the intersection, Kujo watches in shock as the motorcycle driver crashes into the stone wall on the side of the street, the driver thrown up in the air. He then sees a gruesome sight unfold: the man’s head slowly detaches from the body as it descended to the ground. Kujo goes straight to Grevil to report about what happened, only to be handcuffed on the spot. Kujo goes to Victorique for help and she sloves the case instantly.

Soon there will be transfer student in Kujo’s school named Avril who is from England. She sat beside Kujo and became friends with him and asks him to show her the entire school. As they walk around the school their teacher asks them to accompany her regarding the funeral of their care taker. Upon reaching the cemetery, they are faced with two men who are struggling to open a rusted door. Kujo offers help, and upon pulling the heavy metal doors open, a corpse of a man with a bouquet of flowers on his chest falls down on Kujo. They soon call the police to investigate about this case and found out that the corpse is of a student who graduated from their school. On the other hand Avril hand was injured and Kujo finds it suspicious. In order to know the rest of the story you need to watch the anime as I don’t like to spoil the fun. 😉


This is getting better and I am really loving it but I am not really satisfied with that motor cycle case it would have been great it they have shown more of it. But the next case is so good the way Victorique solves it is really good. I think Avril has to do with the motor cycle case but it was not shown.  I really loved the interactions between Kujo and Victorique, I felt that the cuteness is overloaded in this episode. Overall this episodes are interesting and is good to watch 🙂

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