So I just started watching Gosick even though it started a way back I discovered it recently. As it is a mystery anime I decided to review based upon the cases in this anime.

Case I (Hare and the Hunting Dog)

This case covers first three episodes of the anime. These three episodes covers the introductions of the main leads Victorique and Kujo and a case in which a fortune teller who likes to leave hunting dogs to kill Hares for her fortune- telling  eventually gets killed by someone and an Inspector comes to Victorique for her help in this case and she solves it, as a reward that inspector who is none other than victorique’s step brother invites them for a ride in his yacht where they find another clue which links to the purpose of killing the fortune-teller before. The story follows around how both Victorique and Kujo solve the rest of the case.


The starting is kind of good but I felt like the relationship between both of them was rushed like how they just met and they started trusting and depending upon each other so fast. When it comes to the case before they show it I kind of guessed who is the culprit who killed the fortune-teller as it was so easy to guess and I also guessed the second culprit in the middle of the second episode but I waited till the end to find out the answer and I was right. The first case was simple to solve guys I felt like they made it like that just to show how brilliant Victorique is. Well I last thing I can say is it started good and I haven’t felt bored when watching it.

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