Kyouhei, Ranmaru, Takenaga, and Yukinojou are promised free rent on a large mansion under one condition, to change the landlord’s niece into a respectable young lady. However if they fail, she’ll triple their rent.

This anime is hilarious guys, seriously I loved it. It can be even considered as Romance but the author mainly focused on Comedy than Romance. I don’t think it as a Harem as they only try to do a make over to her and we can see only a few parts where there are any Romantic scenes between the main lead. The concept, the characters everything is so good. Even though the manga ended a long time ago they haven’t announced a season 2 which is kind of disappointing as this anime deserves a season 2 and I really want it to happen. Overall this anime is so good and it is a must watch.

2 thoughts on “WALLFLOWER

  1. seems pretty interesting. I’ll give it a watch!

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    1. It is an interesting anime and I hope you like it.

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