Wolf girl and Black Prince


Erika Shinohara has taken to lying about her romantic exploits to earn the respect of her new friends. So when they ask for a picture of her “boyfriend,” she hastily snaps a photo of a handsome stranger, whom her friends recognize as the popular and kind-hearted Kyouya Sata.

Trapped in her own web of lies and desperately trying to avoid humiliation, Erika explains her predicament to Kyouya, hoping he will pretend to be her boyfriend. But Kyouya is not the angel he appears to be: he is actually a mean-spirited sadist who forces Erika to become his “dog” in exchange for keeping her secret.
Begrudgingly accepting his deal, Erika soon begins to see glimpses of the real Kyouya beneath the multiple layers of his outer persona. As she finds herself falling for him, she can’t help but question if he will ever feel the same way about her.

This anime is good and you can enjoy watching it. It is not the type of anime where a hot guy falls for a plain and boring girl who is not interested in him but an anime where the relationship began with a lie where an average looking girl asks a hot guy to act as her boyfriend. As the anime goes on you can see more Romance between the main characters as Kyouya finally understands what he really wants which is kind of good. As any shoujo manga even this one has some misunderstandings in them which made me feel kind of irritated. I mean you may not find much in anime but you will find them in manga. I feel like the anime is interesting than the manga guys. If you read the manga the starting chapters are good and it covers the anime but as the manga goes on it felt a little bit boring. Overall review is that this anime is good and it only showed how they both fallen in love and if you want see their relationship development it’s better to read the manga.

2 thoughts on “Wolf girl and Black Prince

  1. I wasn’t a big fan of the relationship in this one. It just seemed too imbalanced and while they tried to make him seem sympathetic later in the series it was too little, too late for a character I really didn’t like at that point.

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