Thor ragnarok

I am going straight to the review this movie is amazing. It has all of my favorite characters in it. The visuals are amazing I really liked the way they showed Thor with all of those effects. I felt like it has more Comedy then any other Marvel movies. I mean it is a super hero movie and it needs to be serious but this movie is hilarious and which makes it good and interesting movie. Seriously I loved it as I am not a type of person who watches a super hero movie without any Comedy in it and That’s why I like Marvel movies. This movie is a must watch guys you will definitely enjoy this movie mainly the scenes between Loki Thor and Hulk are so good that you all will love it.

2 thoughts on “Thor ragnarok

  1. I need to watch this when it comes out on DVD next month. Unlike some people, I have enjoyed all of the Thor movies to date. Although I don’t want Marvel to go overboard with jokes, I like their movies more than DC because they aren’t so serious.

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  2. This was even funnier because it was directed be Taika Waititi (He’s from NZ like me)

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