Kuzu no Honkai

Everyone in this world wants to be noticed by someone, wants to fall in love with someone, Everyone wants to find their true love who will be there with them till the end. Some of them will get their true love but some of them will suffer with their unrequited love. Unrequited love is a tragic circumstance with no simple resolution. It comes in many forms, yet each one shares the same debilitating feeling of inconceivable longing. This anime is all about that.


High school student Hanabi Yasuraoka has been in love with Narumi Kanai, her older childhood friend who is now her homeroom teacher. But from the look in Narumi’s eyes when he sees the new music teacher Akane Minagawa, Hanabi realizes that he is in love with Akane and not her. Hanabi meets Mugi Awaya, another student who is in love with Akane, who was his tutor when he was in middle school. Hanabi and Mugi make a pact and begin a fake relationship to satisfy each other’s loneliness from their respective unrequited loves, both sexually and emotionally. They agree to not fall in love with each other and end the relationship if their love is returned from the people they are in love with.
                       Spoiler Alerts


So what should I say about this anime well this anime is interesting and you will like to watch it. The writer showed a good character development in this anime. This anime showed me that if you became a love failure that doesn’t mean your life got ended, you need to come of it and find a new life for yourself. The only thing I didn’t liked in this anime is that an anti protagonist got a good ending than the main lead. While watching this anime I was like the main lead will become a couple but nope they decided to go for a separate ways to find their true love and the anti protagonist will get a good end. This anime is unique guys and you all will like to watch it. The manga and the anime is kind of same and it even has a television drama.

I give this anime a 9.5/10😁

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