Himouto! Umaru-chan (Season 1 and 2)


When I was watching this anime I felt like I wish I had her life. Seriously, She is good at everything and my favorite part is that she is a Otaku.

So coming to the plot Umaru is a highschool girl who acts like an elegant woman outside the house but when she enters the house she becomes a lazy person who doesn’t do anything except playing video games, watching anime and constantly depending on her older brother.

This anime series goes on by showing how Umaru has made friends by her alternative personality and how she spends her life with her brother.


I kind of liked both the seasons guys but I felt that season 2 is much better than season 1. As  season one only shows how Umaru makes friends and her life with her bother and Season 2 shows some character development. In season 2 we can she how Umaru tries to change herself by making friends which is kind of good. Sometimes I felt like the supporting characters are much better than the main one and I am also like ‘that is what changes the main character’ as Umaru slightly tries to enjoy her life because of them. The scenes between Umaru and her brother are so good to watch. I felt Taihei is less like a brother and more like a mother which made me to want a brother like him and I think Taihei is plus point to this anime. Even the supporting characters plays a major roles in this anime which is a good thing.  Overall both of the seasons are good to watch. You may feel season 1 a little bit boring but you will eventually enjoy it.With a slight humour this anime is good to watch.

I give this anime a 9.0/10 🙂

1 thought on “Himouto! Umaru-chan (Season 1 and 2)

  1. I envy how she is both nerdy and popular. Season one was good so I am glad to hear that the second series is even better.

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