Day time shooting star (Manga)


Suzume Yosano’s parents have decided to move to Bangladesh when her father’s job gets transferred there. However, they’re not taking her with them. So, Suzume moves to Tokyo to live with her uncle, Yukichi. On her way to moving into her uncle’s house, she runs into a strange man who helps her since she is initially lost. When she starts school, it turns out that he is none other than her homeroom teacher, Satsuki Shishio. Between him and making new friends, Suzume’s first year of high school in Tokyo will be full of fun and adventure. Suzume eventually falls in love with her homeroom teacher and on the other hand one of her friend also falls in love with her. In order to know whom she had chosen in end you need to read this manga.

This manga is really good to read and  I really like the way how the ending turned out in this manga. The mangaka made sure not to disappoint the readers. I really love this manga guys it is not even boring from starting to the end. This manga doesn’t have an anime but I really want it to have one and it is having a live action movie. This manga is a must read.

I give this manga a 9.5/10😀

1 thought on “Day time shooting star (Manga)

  1. Plot is good. I am not so into live action movies. But, would definitely watch this.

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