Baby and I (Korean Movie)


A high school student, Han Joon-soo (Jang Keun-suk), is a troublemaker. He always quarrels with his parents and does not obey them. One day his parents are sick of his bad behavior and run away from home, leaving only a videotape and $100, stating they would come back when Joon-soo got his act together. Shrugging it off, he decides to just throw a small party with his friends, Ki-seok (Ko Gyoo-pil) and Choon-seung (Choi Jae-hwan), in his empty house. While buying alcohol at a grocery store, a baby with a note is left in his cart. The note claims the high school senior, Han Joon-soo, is the father of the baby and the mother could not take care of him anymore. The baby’s name is revealed to be Han Woo-ram (Moon Mason). Joon-soo finds himself stuck with the child, he tries abandoning Woo-ram multiple times, but always fails. Without anyone to help him, other than Kim Byul (Song Ha-yoon), a smart girl who has a crush on him, Joon-soo resorts to bringing the baby to school and his part-time jobs. Finally, he is suspended from school due to the baby being a disturbance. After days of becoming financially broke and sinking to the bottom, his parents come back home when Joon-soo has an emotional breakdown and expresses his sympathy and love for the baby; a love that changed him from troublemaker to a caring father. Joon-soo’s parents acknowledge their love for their son and tell Joon-soo that they will help take care of Woo-ram. When Woo-ram is admitted to the hospital, Joon-soo becomes depressed and meets up Ki-seok. Ki-seok tells Joon-soo that he himself is the father of Woo-ram. Furious, Joon-soo beats up Ki-seok and tells him to take Woo-ram back. He later lies to Byul and Choon-seung that he does not care about Woo-ram anymore. Woo-ram, now out of the hospital, is being adopted by a couple from overseas. After contemplating, Joon-soo races to the airport and fights his way through security. At the gate, he yells for the couple to give Woo-ram back to him. Later, Joon-soon agrees with Ki-Seok that they will raise Woo-ram together. Byul sends Ki-seok and Choon-seung to go buy some soda, wanting to be alone with Joon-soo. After she coyly compliments his “cool” behavior at the airport, Byul gives Joon-soo a quick kiss before running off.

This movie is soo cute guys and there are some scenes in this movie which will bring tears in your eyes. The scenes between the baby and Han were so cute. This movie is so relaxing and it has a little bit of comedy in it. The character development in this movie is so good. This movie is a must watch.πŸ˜€

I give this movie 9.2/10πŸ˜€

3 thoughts on “Baby and I (Korean Movie)

  1. I love this movie.<3

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  2. Like the movie by the review only πŸ™‚ Have added it to my “to watch” list. πŸ™‚

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    1. It is a really cute movie and you should definitely watch it😊

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