Elegant Yokai Apartment Life


This is one of my favorite anime in 2017. I really love this anime guys while watching this anime it felt like I was sleeping under a tree in a bright climate with nothing around me expect the voices of the beautiful birds and the wind. This anime was so relaxing and I love it.

So I am going to start my review with the plot.


The high school freshman Yushi Inaba has to look for new place to live after his high school dormitory burnt down. Having no parents and wanting to live independently from his uncle, he eventually finds a cheap apartment for 25,000 yen called Kotobuki-sō, only to find out that the place has human and supernatural creatures such as ghosts, yōkai, and mononoke living together. There, Yushi’s new daily life begins.

Now coming to the characters of this anime:

The sweet ones:

Kuri :  My little pumpkin and I love him so much. Even though he doesn’t have any dialogues this little cutie pie will make you fall in love with him by his cuteness.maxresdefault


I only thing we can see is her hands seriously only her hands. Ruriko always wanted to open her own restaurant and for that she quits her job as a host and opened it but a stalker of her followed her and killed her by cutting down her into pieces and the only thing she can she after being a ghost is her hands. This anime shows more of her cooking skills and we can literally see how much love and efforts she puts while making food for everyone.tumblr_oswjqhC6MM1rlztz4o1_1280

The three birds:

These birds lives on a tree which is planted near the apartment and these are created for a comic relief and it is kind of cute to listen to them.DEp28eJU0AASN7R

The cool ones :

Yushi Inaba :

Not only he is cool but he is also funny and he is the main character of this anime. By loosing his parents in a very young age he decided not to depend on others and live independent. Unless like other MC’s this one is different and instead of looking for help from someone else he decides to work hard which is kind of cool. The only thing which lacking him is the character development. He always tries to help others but couldn’t do it.


Hase Mizuki :

Yushi’s childhood friend and he always likes to take care of Yushi. Hase comes from a rich family and is quite smart and cunning, his deviousness often used for comic relief. He is well liked by the residents of the apartment as he often brings them lots of gifts, he likewise respects the many adults found there as proper examples of maturity rather than people who suck up to him because of his status. Mizuki_hase_anime

Naomi Chiaki :

Rather telling he is cool I am gonna say he is hot 😛 I really like this person guys and I wish I had a teacher like him who takes very good care of his students. He really likes Yushi and likes to take care of him. He is not only a teacher but also a good singer. You should see while he is singing he looks so cool.Youkai-Apato-22-04


This character is fun to watch guys. Tashiro is Yushi’s school friend who always have details about everything. I always wanted to know how she even gets that much of information. She is literally like a spy and I think it is cool.


The annoying ones :

Haruka Aoki :

An annoying teacher who will irritate us while watching this anime. Aoki is a kind of teacher who assumes everything by herself without knowing anything and forces her too good nature on everyone which results in making everyone angry. Even though Yushi doesn’t need anyones help she comes to him and tells that he is a poor guy and pitiful and everyone should help him which kind of makes Yushi angry. Not only the characters in this anime but the people who are watching in this anime feels annoyed while watching her.Tumblr_oxkecxVG4E1tr6wqbo3_1280

Konatsu Yamamoto :

An annoying student in Yushi’s school. She thinks that she is mighty and knows about everything and everyone is stupid when compared to her. She is also having a sister complex and when someone doesn’t give attention to her she becomes mad and starts crying which is kind of annoying. Really I felt like slapping her and telling her to calm down. This anime showed me that the annoying things attracts each other because Yamamoto was saved by none other than Aoki.

download (2)

I only described the characters which caught my interest and there are also other characters which are cute, lovely and mysterious and you will love all of them.

Ships :

This anime basically made me do which I have never done before and that shipping the male characters in an anime. This anime has two shipping guys and both are with the Main character Yushi.

Yushi and Hase:

To be frank I haven’t shipped them the anime itself has shipped them and I agreed to it. Hase is found of Kuri and tells him that he is like a daddy to him and Yushi is mother to him and which is agreed by the people of the apartment and they even started addressing them like that which is denied by Yushi. I don’t know why but the scenes between Hase and Yushi makes me giggle all the time.Youkai-Apato-08-36

Yushi and Chiaki:

Even though they are teacher and student I like to ship them I literally mean to say that this anime made me to ship them. Tahiro really likes to ship them too. There are some scenes in this anime between both of them which makes us to do that.


Overall review :

As I said before this anime is good and it is relaxing. The only thing which disappointed me is the character development of the main lead and the rest are all so good to watch. This anime gives us life lessons in every episodes which is kind of good to watch.

I give this anime a 9.6/10 🙂



5 thoughts on “Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

  1. A Brief review , love the way you express yourself looking forward for more good review 🔝

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  2. A Brief review , love the you express yourself looking forward for more good review 🔝


  3. Those birds are so cute!!!

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