Hibi Chōchō ( Manga)

Hibi chōchō is Japanese Romance manga written by Suu Morishita.

The story revolves around Surien who is a shy girl and doesn’t talk with others due to her shyness and Taichi who is a Karate champion of the School. Surien is afraid to talk with boys as she was bullied by them during elementary school. All Surien used to do is nod her head with out showing any emotions. But one day Surien has fallen in love with Taichi as he was the only boy who haven’t fallen in love with her instantly. The story follows around how Surien and Taichi expressed there feelings towards each other.


This manga is cute guys. It basically related Romance category so even the author doesn’t bother to add some comedy scenes in it. As both of the characters are quite in nature you can hardly see any conversations between them. Even Surien doesn’t show any emotions untill the ending of the manga. But this manga is good to read you will feel relaxed while reading it. It doesn’t have a anime but has a auido drama.

I give this manga 9.5/10.😊

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