If you think Your Name is confusing then watch this movie.


The story follows around Kokone who always gets a werid dream in which she is a princess of a land called Heartland and the main work of the people is to make cars. Kokone who is a princess in Heartland has some special powers from her childhood which is she can bring anything to life by using her magical tablet (tab). Due to her powers she is locked up in a seperate room and the king’s advisor ย who is evil always keeps an eye on her. When she wakes up she comes to reality where she is a normal high school student ย and stays with her father Momotaro who is a smart mechanic. He has a kind nature and always helps elder people in his village. He always fixes the vehicles by using a technology which is in a tablet which was left by his late wife who dies in an accident. Later we can see that there are some people who chases after Momotaro for the tablet which he refuses to give them. Kokone tries to save her father with the help of her friend Morio. In between the process of saving her father from them Kokone again gets a dream where she finally eescapes from the king and the advisor and tries to fight a monster which is attacking Heartland by using her tablet. In the end she sees her mother in her and realizes that it is not just a dream but it was the story of her mother who was in a bad terms with her father and left him. Her dad used to tell it as a story when she was a little and the king is none other than her grandfather who is the owner of the big Motor Company in Japan. Her grandfather is having an advisor same as her dream who is after the tablet for the software in it for creating a automatic cars which needs to be shown in Tokyo Olympics in 2020. She tries to save both of her father and grandfather which she kind of succeds in the end. The grandfather understand his mistake and accepts both Kokone and Momotaro.

Overall Review:

So basically I am going to say that this movie is confusing. I mean the sudden changes between the real world and the dream world is kind of a mess. Sometimes we feel that ‘ok this happened in the dream world then what happened in the real world?’ They just continued it without explaining anything. They haven’t even showed much about the daughter and the father relationship, in this movie they hardly take with each other but in the ending credits they show how Momotaro and Ikumi (Kokone’s mother) met and fall in love with each other and also shows about how they developed the software which is kind of cute. I think that they tried to make it a great movie but eventually messed it up. It would have been great if they have shown some clarity in it. It is not a great movie guys but you can watch it when you don’t have anything to watch. Overall this movie is OK.

I give this movie a 8/10.

4 thoughts on “NAPPING PRINCESS

  1. You were much more generous with this movie than I was. It started off quite good great even but as you say – the narrative becomes a mess in the later half. I did love seeing someone else review it though!

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    1. This movie would have been good if the narration was not a mess ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I actually really enjoyed this movie lol I just watched it last week. But I tend to like movies that have no real direction or have vague explinations of the plot ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. I actually liked the concept of it but I would have loved it if it has shown some clarity in the story ๐Ÿ™‚

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