Have you seen the “WOLF CHILDREN”


There are so many anime in which there will be a love story between a vampire and a human or a love story between a werewolf and a human and so many of them ends with a happy ending in which we can see both of them stayed together. Have you ever wondered what will happen to them after they get married and give birth to the children? This movie shows you about that and it also shows you the love of a mother and her sacrifices for her children.


The story follows around Hana who is a college student and falls in love with a werewolf and gives birth to two warewolf children, a daughter Yuki and a son Ame. One day the father of the children dies in an accident while searching for the food for his children.


Hana who now is a single mother of two werewolf unable to understand how to raise them. Yuki always transforms into a werewolf form which makes difficult for Hana to hide them. Soon Hana decides to leave her place and move to a country side where she and her kids can stay peacefully. The people over there is kind and always helps Hana and her kids.

Soon the kids starts to grow up and Yuki becomes a cheerful girl who is liked by everyone and on the other hand Ame becomes gloomy and complete opposite of Yuki. As the days passes by Yuki decides to become a human and hide her identity and on the other side Ame decides to become a warewolf and stays in forest and protect it. As Hana searches the forest for Ame, she slips and falls unconscious. Ame finds her and carries her to safety. She awakens to see Ame transform into an adult wolf and run into the mountains. She realizes he has found his own path and accepts his goodbye.

One year later, Yuki leaves home to move into a dorm in junior high school. Ame’s wolf howls are heard far and wide in the forest. Hana, living alone in the house, reflects that raising her wolf children was like a fairy tale, and feels proud to have raised them well.


This movie is so good guys there are some scenes in this movie which makes you tear up like the scene where the father of the children dies and Hana unable to tell anyone as he is in his werewolf form and the scene where Ame tells goodbye to Hana. I really liked the way creator showed the interaction between the mother and the children, they are so heart whelming and the people of the village are also kind and always helped Hana and her kids. This movie is so good guys as it is filled with so many emotions from the starting to the end. I recommend each and everyone to watch this movie.

I give this movie a 9.8/10 🙂

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