Welcome to the Ballroom (Part II)

So basically I am going to write about the second half of the series in this blog.


After the Teppei cup Tatara joins highschool and he introduces himself to everyone and tells them that he is a competitive dancer. We can see the introduction of the new character name Chinatsu who is basically the Heroine of the anime. When Tatara says he likes comptitive dance she basically calls him lame but the next day Tatara finds her at the dance competation in which Sengoku san is participating. Chinatsu warns him to not to talk to her at school at  but she eventually starts talking with Tatara. She is a great fan of Hongou who is the dance patner of  Sengoku and asks Tatara whether she can get a autograph from her and eventually she goes to the dance studio and joins it.

In this second half you can see how Chinatsu and Tatara became partners and how did they end up in a competition and what are the challenges which are faced by them.

My overall review of this anime:

First I am going to talk about Chinatsu who is basically the heroine of the anime. There are so many people out there who dislikes her. But I kind of like her. She shows some attitude in all the episodes and doesn’t listen to Tatara which is kind of irritating but I felt that she just needs some help and someone to understand her. I mean she likes dancing but she never got a good partner as she used to dance with her friend named Akira and Chinatsu was always good at leading than following. I don’t know about manga but I kind of felt that the creator haven’t shown the complete reason why Chinatsu quit dance in between.


I really feel sorry for Akira who is Chinatsu childhood friend and also her dance patner. Akira has crush on Chinatsu and always supported her in dance as she thinks that she may be able to stay by her side as long as she keep dancing. But technically Chinatsu wants to enter into official competitions as she can only enter with a male partner which breaks Akira’s heart and eventually Akira finds herself a dance partner before Chinatsu. I really loved the way the creator showed how Akira felt towards Chinatsu I think it is really beautiful but I would have felt little more happy if he would have shown how Chinatsu felt towards Akira.I kind of felt like it was one sided feelings when creators haven’t shown how Chinatsu felt towards Akira.


Kugimiya showed me no matter how much talented you are there will be a time when people who are more talented than you will come and surprass you, but that doesn’t mean that you go into depression and quit what you love to do. I think the creator did a great job while creating Kugimiya.



I liked the overall anime guys. It was intresting in the first half and in the middle it kind of became boring but in the end it was so good. The creators did a great job while doing visuals. I am not going to say this anime is great but I can say this anime is Ok and it is good to watch and I am hoping for a season 2 in 2018 🙂

I give this anime 9/10😀

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