Welcome to the Ballroom (Part I)

An anime which is created to show that  ballroom is just not dance but also a sport. Seriously I came to know that ballroom is a competitive dance after Watching this anime. This anime has 24 episodes in total and I am going to write about first half of it that is 12 episodes of it in this blog.

Plot :

Fujita Tatara who has a crush on Shizuku follows her after the school and founds out that she is a competitive dancer. When he enters into the dance studio an employee in the studio asks him to join the dance classes and hands him a CD which contains the vedio of ballroom competition and Sengoku who is a pro dancer catches his eye. Sengoku is also the owner of the dance studio. Tatara who thinks that he can’t dance and can’t afford to pay the fees for the classes decides to turn them down but eventually joins the classes by telling them that he will do part time in the studio for free.

Tatara eventually starts learning dancing and one day he sees a new boy name Kiyoharu who is the dance partner of Shizuku from childhood. At first Tatara doesn’t like him but later on when he sees Kiyoharu practicing hard he starts liking him and decides to work even harder.

In the middle of the series Kiyoharu gets a leg injury and Tatara is sent onto the floor to dance with Shizuku and after looking at Tatara’s dancing Kiyoharu becomes angry and eventually starts dancing in another round with Shizuku to show Tatara how good he is and ends up with a leg fracture.

Kiyoharu asks Tatara to take care of Sizuku but unfortunately Gaju a competitive dancer comes and asks Shizuku to pair up with him. Shizuku eventually agrees to join him as she feels that she is left behind by Kiyoharu. Tatara gets angry and challenges to Gaju that if he wins the Tepi cup then he should leave Shizuku and make Mako who is Gaju’s sister as his partner. If you want to know whether Tatara wins the cup or not you should definitely watch this anime.


Ok, so my favorite in this first part is Mako Chan.

I felt that Mako understood Tatara more than Shizuku did. You should definitely watch the dance scene between Tatara and Mako.

 This anime is fun to watch, the detailing in dance is good, but I felt like they kind of rushed Tatara to dance. I mean if you a starter it will take you some time to be a good dancer but Tatara became a good dancer in a short period of time. But you will definitely like this anime😊

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