My 4 Reasons to tell you why I don’t like “SAKURA”


If you are a great fan of Sakura then I apologizing to you all before as I am going to tell you all why can’t I handle her.

So here is my 4 reasons to tell you all  what makes me dislike Sakura.

1.Her obsession/love for Sasuke: See I know that she always loved Sasuke because he is cool, smart and handsome but it doesn’t mean that she can give credit to him all the time like literally when ever Naruto or anyone else tries to help her instead of showing gratitude towards them she only focuses on Sasuke. I am just like ‘ girl there is a world besides sasuke’.


2. Treating Ino has a rival: I seriously like Ino guys. She is Pretty, Smart and gives value to friendship unless like Sakura. When Sakura came to know that Ino likes Sasuke she declared Ino as a rival, that Ino who always protected sakura when everyone was bullying her and that Ino who knows that even Sakura likes Sasuke but kept quite for her friendship. I really don’t like the way Sakura treats Ino. I think Ino is so much better than Sakura.


3. Uselessness and always crying: Being a main female character I expect more from her. I mean even Hinata, Ino, Tenten are much better than her. I know what you all gonna think isn’t she a strong ninja? Yes she is I mean to say she did helped Grandma Chiyo with fighting Sasori, She has broken all the rocks wonderfully with a single punch. But to be frank most of the fighting was done by Chiyo and even she was saved by grandma Chiyo at the end of the fight. But I think most of the time she is useless. Remember when Sakura went to kill Sasuke? She ended up doing nothing and was saved by Naruto. And one more thing which I doesn’t like is her crying. She cries all the time not because she is sad or someone died but for Sasuke who doesn’t even notice her. She even cries in the openings which is kind of annoying. If you want to cry for someone then just cry for Naruto or Kakashi who always helps you and not for Sasuke who never looked at you.


4. Always telling herself to become strong: As a main character Sakura is always positioned in a critical situations where she does nothing. She just tells to herself that she will definitely become strong next time and save everyone but she eventually fails in it and in the end she is saved by others.


It’s not her fault guys but I don’t really understand why the creator created her like that which makes people hate her. I am not going to say her that I completely hate her guys there are some parts in her which I like and I am going to post them as soon as possible. 🙂


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1 thought on “My 4 Reasons to tell you why I don’t like “SAKURA”

  1. She’s as bad as Lucy from fairy tail, super annoying! You made a typo in point 2 btw


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