7 Reasons to watch “The Royal Tutor”

The Royal Tutor one of my favorite anime in 2017. Not only it is hilarious but it also shows that how a good teacher should be. Today I am going to give you 7 reasons for watching this anime.

1. For the Princes:  The Princes in this show are so good you guys and each one has a unique characters. It will be hard for you to decide whom to make your favorite Prince. At first they make look a little bit arrogant but as the time goes you will know why they had turned out like that and you will like them more.

 I love all of them but my favorite among them is kai. He may look scary but he has a very soft heart and love cute things.

 2. For the Tutor: Henine is a cool Tutor guys I hope I had one during my school days. Even though the Princes always troubled him , he has never taken it to heart and always helped them and he is also kind of cute. He has a dark past which he wanted to hide from them as he thinks that it will effect their futures.

 3.For the king: He is a idol parent guys. The king who is  the father of the Princes always supported them and loved them equally. Not only the father he is even a great king who is loved by his entire kingdom. He is a old friend of Henine and you will like the bromance between both of them.

4. For the supporting characters : You will even like the supporting characters they are hilarious and fun to watch.

5. For the Art and the Story : Both the art and the story of this anime is so good to watch. This anime is  hilarious and it describes how a Teacher should be. The art in this anime is so good I think they created it like 1980’s which is very good to watch.

6: For the Comedy : The Comedy in this anime is so good you guys that you will laugh while watching each and every episode.

7. For the Opening and the Ending: The opening and Ending of this anime is so good and cute and you cannot skip it while watching the anime.

I give this anime a 9.5/10.☺

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