Uta No Prince Sama (Part II)

As I gave review on season I in my revious blog I am going to continue with the remaining seasons in this one.


Season II 

In the season I you can see the formation of Starish and in the season II you can see the new challenges which are faced by them and the introduction of the new idol group call Quartet Night  who also basically comes after Haruka.


They literally asks Haruka to compose a song for them and falls for her.

season III

I am just going to be frank that it is same as one and two but you will see one more new idol group called Heavens.

Even Heavens thinks that Starish are better than them and challenges them. But they will come to know that they are not and they decide to add some new members to their group even though I think there won’t be any difference by adding them.


Season IV

I gave up. I was just searching for a plot in all the seasons and I was just unable to find it. To be frank I gave up in the middle of this anime. I literally watched 5 episodes of it and I am like ‘I am done with this’.

I am not having complaints about the songs or the art or the coreograph. I am not even having problem with Haruka as she haven’t fallen for anyone but I am just like please add some plot. I know that it is a visual novel which is targeted towards the female audience but it would have been better if it has some story or plot to it.

I give this anime  8.5/10 🙂



I don’t own any of these images which are posted in my blog 🙂


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